e-Consult FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access eConsult?

It is quite simple! Visit our practice websitewww.newburystreetpractice.co.uk

And click on the eConsult banner that says ‘Contact our doctors online’


When will I get a response back

The clinician will review your response and get back to you by the end of the next working day. We will contact you by phone and/or by email.


I don’t have access to the Internet?

Patients who do not have access to the internet can be asked to contact the practice on the practice telephone number as usual on 01235 639521.


What about the Elderly?

Elderly patients who have access to the internet can use the service otherwise they can call the practice as usual on the practice telephone number on 01235 639521.


What about my Child?

Parents / Guardians are able to do an eConsult on behalf of their children aged 6months and above. Carers/Parents will receive a call back or an appointment to close off the eConsult


But I need to be seen?

Your eConsult will be reviewed by a clinician and if you need to be seen you will be given an appointment.


I completed an eConsult and I was advised to contact the practice for an Urgent appointment?

This happens when a patient reports symptoms that suggest they are too unwell for the eConsult system. Please follow your normal practice procedure for issuing out appointments and call us on 01235 639521.


I completed an eConsult,but I have not heard back from the practice.

Pleaseask reception to have a look in the notes to see if someone has recorded a failed attempt and speak to the team to understand what went wrong.  You will then be advised accordingly.


I have an administrative request.

You can submit admin requests by visiting our website, go to the eConsult banner and select administrative requests, this will then be forwarded to the appropriate team who will deal with your request and contact you via phone or email. 


Attaching photographs

You can attach a photo for skin problems, eye problems, rashes etc