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Do you still need a vaccination?

If you have not yet been called, please call in today (29th December) or tomorrow (30th December) from 1.30pm - 6pm.

**18 or over, 12 weeks after your second vaccine and not had a positive covid test in the past 4 weeks.

**16/17 years, 12 weeks after your first vaccine and not had a positive covid test in the past 12 weeks.

**18 or over and need a first or second vaccine (12 weeks after first) 

Since starting our new booster programme, Wantage PCN have so far delivered over 6000 booster vaccinations!


COVID Booster Campaign FAQs for Patients of Newbury Street and Church Street Practices

We are pleased to be once again involved in the National COVID 19 Vaccination Programme to protect our patients and the community of Wantage & Grove.

 Both Practices are working together to deliver 10,000 Booster vaccines in the next 2 weeks!

This is a big ask from the Government but both Newbury Street and Church Street Practice Teams recognise the importance of boosting the immunity of our patients and recognise the speed at which we need to do this given the rapid spread of the Omicron Variant of COVID 19.

Therefore, we are prioritising our resources and redeploying some of our staff to the Vaccine clinics which are all held in our Marquee at the back of The Health Centre.

 We want to reassure our patients that even with this collaborative effort to deliver this huge number of vaccines quickly, the practices are still open, but we will be focusing on mainly urgent care.

 If you feel unwell or have a clinical query you feel is urgent, please contact us in the usual way – we want to help and support you!

However, if you are wanting to have an appointment related to a chronic disease such as an asthma review or a routine blood test, we would ask for your support in not contacting the practices until January.

 We appreciate this a worrying time, and it is not always easy to know if your medical issue would be considered urgent or not.  If you are unsure whether your query is urgent, please contact the Practices in the usual way and our staff will be able to help.

 How do I book for my Covid Booster at the Health Centre?

If you have not had your Covid Booster vaccine and you are over 18yrs old – get ready – we will text you!  Once you have a text from the practices, please click on the link and you will be able to book your appointment for your Covid Booster in the Health Centre clinic which is in our Marquee.

When will I be contacted?

 We are contacting everyone who is eligible in the next few days to offer a time and a day in the next 2 weeks which you can book as described above.

What if I have booked elsewhere?

 If you have booked elsewhere, you can still take up our offer, but you will need to cancel your booking elsewhere as we are unable to do this for you.

What if I have not had my 1st or 2nd vaccines yet?

If you have not yet had your 1st or your 2nd vaccine but would like to now do this, please contact the practices to discuss how we can book your appointment.

What about young people?

If you are 16-17yrs old and you need your 2nd dose, you can book on the National Booking Service or you can contact the practices to discuss how we can book your appointment.

 If you are 12-15yrs with no significant health issues, please book on the National Booking Service as we are technically unable to offer you a Covid 19 vaccination for legal and insurance reasons.

 What if I have recently had COVID with a positive PCR result?

 If you are over 18yrs old, you must wait 28 days before you can have the Covid Booster and if you are under 18yrs you must wait 12 weeks (unless you are in a high- risk group).

What if I am in the immunocompromised group – when will I get my Covid Booster?

You will be eligible for a Booster vaccine 3months after your 3rd dose, and we will contact you.

What if I have had a Covid Vaccine dose abroad?

Please see this link which details what you need to do – making an appointment at certain vaccination centres to get your overseas vaccination registered and, on the system, so you are called for a booster at the right time.

For more updates, please follow the Practices on Facebook and check their websites regularly

Newbury Street Practice:                  01235 639521 option 7 

Church Street Practice:                      01235 770245

Thank you for your support

Newbury Street Practice & Church Street Practice

15th December 2021

Covid Update

Dear Patients,

Over the last 12months, the Wantage Primary Care Network Covid Vaccine Team have delivered an amazing number of covid vaccinations to keep the community safe – over 32,000!

At the end of December, the vaccine clinics at the Health Centre will stop and colleagues will focus on working to meet the increased demand for appointments in both Newbury Street Practice & Church Street Practice.   If you still need a 1st 2nd or booster vaccination, please see the practice websites for more information on where you can book your appointment.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the many brilliant volunteers including the Ray Collins Trust and some retired familiar faces who have helped the practices run the clinics almost every week of 2021 – we couldn’t have done it without them!

The staff at the practices are also very grateful for the community support - kind gifts of cake, chocolates, thank you cards and positive feedback on Social Media has been welcomed by all the team & kept them motivated to keep going through all weathers in the Marquee!

Thank you for your support

Newbury Street Practice & Church Street Practice

LATEST NEWS - We are rejoining the Covid Vaccine rollout 10.12.2021

We are pleased to once again be involved in the national vaccination programme to give our community the maximum protection possible. Given the current situation nationally, we have decided to re-join the covid vaccine roll out. 

This is to help our patients locally to get their Covid boosters. If you have not yet had your first or second dose covid vaccination, we will be in contact with all eligible patients as soon as possible. 

We will call people for boosters as we did previously.  Please wait to be called, we will work our way down in age order as quickly as we can, oldest first.  Please update us with a current mobile phone number as this will help us to book your appointments. Please do so by going to home page on the website, patient records and click on update your personal details. 

Many thanks for your patience as we continue to try and offer you the best service we can.

Newbury Street and Church Street Practices